Tectoro: Elevating Mobile Device Management Solutions.

What is MDM (mobile device management)?

MDM, or mobile device management, is a wide-ranging solution for organizations to safely manage and control mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The process utilizes particular software for configuring, monitoring, and protecting devices remotely. MDM technology escalates security by enabling authentication measures, encryption, and device wipes. MDM works wonders in enterprise settings for maintaining compliance, streamlining device management, safeguarding sensitive data, and permitting employees to use the devices for their tasks.

History of MDM 

The history of MDM dates back to the early 2000s when mobile technology emerged in workplaces. Businesses started integrating tablets and mobile phones into their operations, which mandated security and management of the devices. The initial MDM solutions worked on prime functions such as device configuration and provisioning. Due to the escalation of mobile in business, advanced features such as app distribution, security enforcement, and remote monitoring were introduced by MDM. The advancement in mobile technology made MDM address the complications of managing diverse devices across many platforms and networks.

What is MDM software?

MDM is specialized software that permits organizations to manage and secure mobile devices remotely. The MDM software offers tools for enforcing policies, configuring settings, securing data on smartphones, and distributing applications on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. With MDM software, efficient device management is assured where security in corporate businesses is escalated.

How does mobile device management work?

The MDM or mobile device management deploys mobile device software to launch a connection between the centralized management console and devices. The administrators can access the console and remotely enforce policies, configure settings, and manage applications on devices. With MDM software, several tasks can be performed, such as data encryption, software updates, and remote wiping due to theft or loss.The software ensures the device adheres to business compliance requirements policies and escalates security. The MDM software supports different devices and their platforms and permits a deep understanding of device usage and health. Such features offer organizations effective visibility and control over the mobiles used in business.

Mobile Device Management Features

Let us take a look at powerful mobile device management features.

  • BYOD management:Almost all employees access corporate-related mail and data with personal laptops and mobile devices. With BYOD management, IT admins can configure secure business data to containerization policies and maintain employees' privacy.
  • Zero-touch enrolment:The zero-touch enrolment for Apple, Windows, and Android mobile devices permits IT admins to start out-of-the-box policy applications.
  • Mobile threat protection:The rates of cyber threats are escalating, and hence, the corporates require new levels of security. Integrated mobile threat protection is advantageous features that protects apps, networks, and mobile devices against cyber threats with early anomaly detection, automated encryption checking, and prompt corrective actions.
  • KIOSK management:Today, numerous businesses like healthcare, hospitality, and retail use unattended digital devices like kiosks, signage, etc. The kiosk management features enable businesses to manage employees' devices and unattended digital devices.
  • Multi-platform and device assistance:MDM provides a single platform for managing diverse devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, digital kiosks, POS systems, rugged devices, etc. MDM supports all OS types, including Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows 10.
Why is MDM important?

corporate networks, and interchange of sensitive data every day. In such scenarios, MDM is essential for constructing enterprise-specific security policies on devices.  In today's scenario, losing confidential data leads to legal penalties and massive business revenue loss. Hence, mobile device management is important for warranting appropriate and secure use of business data.

Advantages of using an MDM

Mobile device management helps in remote management and streamlining the mobility of devices. MDM benefits businesses in several ways, as follows.

  • Increases corporate and mobile security:With MDM, businesses can avoid malware by creating security configurations for devices, mobiles, and networks. Moreover, with MDM software, stolen or lost devices can be locked and erased to protect corporate data.
  • Remote management of devices:With MDM software, diverse policies are created by IT admins. Employees are provided with ready-to-use, pre-configured devices.
  • Remote troubleshooting:Supporting remote employees is possible through an MDM agent, and remote support is provided for immediate problem-solving.
  • Automated daily IT tasks:nnumerable IT tasks that utilize more time are automated by employing MDM tools. Some of them are timely OS updates, patch management, etc. All these tools help protect data and maintain security.
  • Better monitoring and compliance checks:With MDM software, IT admins can better view distributed devices. The software provides possibilities for monitoring policies, tracking locations, and keeping track of device usage and vitals.
  • Enhanced employee productivity:The MDM permits you to lock your staff's devices. Moreover, you can block or release certain sites for improved productivity at work.
Why do enterprises need MDM Software?

Enterprises mandate MDM software to manage the influx of mobile devices in business operations. MDM secures data utilizing encryption, policy enforcement, protecting sensitive information, and remote wipe capabilities. Moreover, MDM software streamlines configuration device provisioning, reducing the administrative department's burden. Remote support and troubleshooting help the IT teams minimize device downtime. The other aspects of MDM software are enhancing device lifecycle management and avoiding unauthorized usage. However, when working in a connected workplace, MDM supports security, connectivity, productivity, and operational efficiency.

How to choose the best MDM Provider

There are innumerable MDM providers in the market today. MDM is in high demand and a necessity of businesses today. Hence, choosing the right business provider is important. Here are a few factors to look for before choosing an MDM provider

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Offering free trial duration to check the functioning of software and features
  • Offering product demos
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden charges
  • After-sales support for customers
Benefits of MDM by Tectoro

Tectoro is designed to satisfy state-of-the-art device management needs. By employing MDM by Tectoro, the IT teams deploy better security policies, streamline device management, automate tasks, and incorporate more uses. There are innumerable benefits of employing MDM provided by Tectoro, which are as follows.

  • Enhanced security:Tectoro provides better data protection using remote wipe, encryption, and advanced security systems.
  • Compliance enforcement:Tectoro's MDM maintains compliance with company policies and industry regulations, ensuring consistent data handling and device usage.
  • Effective management:Tectoro's MDM paves the way for updates, configuration, streamlining devices, and enhancing device lifecycle management.
  • Remote support:By employing Tectoro's MDM, IT teams enjoy remote support and troubleshooting, minimizing disruptions and downtime of devices.
  • App Management:Tectoro's MDM effectively updates, distributes, and manages applications across devices, escalating employee productivity and providing access to all tools.
  • Cost optimization:Tectoro's MDM avoids unauthorized usage, manages devices, and tracks device health, paving the way for cost savings.

Tectoro's MDM is in high demand as it empowers organizations with various device management solutions, enhanced operational efficiency, and escalated security.


Tectoro's MDM software is a robust solution that caters to the various needs of the modern organization. MDM by Tectoro offers advanced security features, a user-friendly interface, streamlined management features, and empowers businesses to manage mobile devices. Tectoro has a strong commitment to customer support and smart technology. With such exclusive benefits, start your journey with Tectoro's MDM software for business and escalate productivity, security, and success in the dynamic digital era.