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Awesome Features

Experience Tectoro EMM's exceptional scalability and customizable packaging for diverse industries.

  • Remote

    Remote Management

    Effortlessly manage millions of devices remotely, streamlining operations with efficient monitoring, control, and securement.

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    Policies & Groups

    Efficiently manage devices and users with deeply configurable policies and a hierarchical group structure for granular control.

  • Remote


    Tectoro EMM empowers business endpoints with secure Android Play store apps for effective device management.

  • Remote

    Device/User Enrolment

    Effortlessly enrol and update Android devices over the air, streamlining policy application and bulk device operations ease with Tectoro EMM.

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    Tamper Proof

    Our unmatched kiosk devices maximize security, prevent re-enrolment, and enhance protection for top-notch safety and peace of mind.

  • Remote

    Custom Launcher

    Elevate your content with a customizable launcher. Benefit from full branding support and offline device command capabilities.

How It Works?

Tectoro EMM can be used in various flavours to match your business needs.


Single app kiosk or multiple app kiosk mode. Limitation to certain number of specific applications to be used.

Fully Managed

Fully managed offers complete control of data and applications. By appling advanced restrictions.

Work Profile

With a work profile, the same device can be used securely and privately for both work and personal purposes.

Next Generation Technology

Tectoro EMM is a high-tech cloud enabled technology platform designed with scale, ease of use and flexibility as first class needs.

Intelligence & Analytics

Screens packed with operational analytics providing deeper data insights.

Machine Learning & AI

Deeper insights on how your organizational devices are used.

Your data is safe

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance, CERT-IN Certified. Configure as per business need.

Next Generation

Key Benefits

Tectoro EMM: Cloud and on-premises solution for centralized mobile device management, automating enrollment to EOL.

  • Effortlessly deploy devices in bulk with Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE) and Samsung Knox KME.

  • Boost device security to mitigate business losses, ensuring protection against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Enhances productivity of users and network administrators by reducing their workload.

  • Provides real-time visibility into the health of devices, software, hardware, and inventory.

  • Requires minimal administration knowledge, simplifying management tasks effectively.

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Key Benefits

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Tectoro EMM revolutionized education, healthcare, and retail with secure device management and streamlined operations.


Government promotes e-learning with Android devices.

Government prioritizes state education, providing e-learning devices for students and teachers.Read More

Health CareHealth Care

Mobile-equipped facilitators ensure equitable healthcare.

Government's mobile-equipped Health Insurance Scheme empowers BPL families.Read More


Addressing Retail Device Management Challenges.

Retail industry faces device management challenges: fragmentation, security, logistics.Read More

App Screenshots

Presenting several application snapshots for your review and insight into our product's functionality and design.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tectoro EMM Supports the Android and Chrome.

Yes, Tectoro EMM is designed to have diverse features were dynamic dashboard is part of it.

Tectoro EMM supports Fully Managed, Dedicated/Kiosk and Personalised Launcher Management Sets.

Tectoro EMM can be enrolled by ZTE, QR, AFW Setup and downloading the app from Playstore(BYOD).

Yes, Tectoro EMM is SOC-2 Type-2 complaint and CERT IN Certified.

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Tectoro EMM revolutionized education, healthcare, and retail with secure device management and streamlined operations.

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